5 thoughts on “Cakes

  1. This looks an intriguing site but at the moment I’m a little lost – how do I get from this page of photos to the recipes? Clicking on the photo, or it’s name, just enlarges it.


    1. Hi Suelle,
      There is a link underneath the enlarged picture that will take you to the recipe, unless it is from Great British Bakes, in which case, the recipe is in the book only.
      Do get back to me if you have more questions! MAB 😀


    1. Hi Valerie,
      If the recipe is from my book, Great British Bakes, then there’s no link to the recipe online.
      I wanted to share the pictures, so if you like them, you can buy the book (shameless self promotion! 😉 )
      Hope this helps! M-A 😀


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