21st Century

  1. Turkey Salmi Turkey Salmi - This week I’d like to talk turkey and making champagne tastes on a beer budget. Just look at that crisp, golden pastry and glossy, rich sauce covering the tender pieces of turkey! Turkey is a staple on the festive dinner table, but the preference for the pale breast meat has seen the rise of the […]
  2. Steak and Kidney Pudding - I enjoyed reading this tweet a few weeks ago: The best thing to hear when you ask someone to explain their hobby or interest is them starting with “okay, so..” cause they’re about to rant for at least 30 minutes straight with no breaks and it’s the most adorable shit in the world. — Terminally […]
  3. Damson Ripple Ice-cream Damson Ice-Cream - The autumn months are almost upon us and it truly is the season of mellow fruitfulness. First among equals is the damson, a fruit I have been familiar with my whole life. Damsons are small, oval, wild plums with a signature ‘bloom’. They are different to bullaces, a different wild plum which is more round […]
  4. Toad In The Hole - Toad In The Hole was a favourite dish of my childhood, and also one of the first dishes I made when I began cookery lessons at school, aged 11. Toad in the Hole is a traditional lunch or supper dish combining sausages and a standard Yorkshire Pudding batter. The earliest mention attributed by the Oxford […]
  5. A bowl of Harlequin Salad and lettuce leaves Harlequin Salad - It is June, and summer is upon us! It’s the time of salady goodness! And I have here a very easy salad for you which I’ve cobbled together over the years. It’s simple and fresh and delicious and exceedingly easy to make. In fact, the skill bar is set so low I’m going to sum […]
  6. Four Cream Toast fingers with a pot of raspberry jam for dipping. Cream Toasts - This is going to be the newest recipe on here, because I just made it up! Well, not to claim all the credit – it is a Lego™ recipe in that I’ve cherry-picked a bit from here and a bit from there and brought it together into something absolutely delicious. As a bonus, it can […]