Wood Street Cake

Wood Street Cake, 1675 (Great British Bakes)

Wood Street Cake, 1675 (Great British Bakes)


2 thoughts on “Wood Street Cake

  1. I made this and found it to be rather dry. The mix itself was not “rather wet” as stated in the recipe and definitely not pourable – are the quantities in the book correct? Or is it supposed to be so dry? I baked it for the lower amount of time stated (45 mins).


    1. Hi Jenny,
      Yes, the quantities are correct – I put in the description of the texture so that everyone would be able to check what it is supposed to be against their own mixture.
      The moisture content of the various wet ingredients is not always a constant, depending on the brand of butter and cream used, the season in which they were produced, the age of the eggs (due to evaporation through the shell), etc.
      My hope, in describing the moisture of the cake mix, was that if a mix appeared drier than what I had described, it would still be possible to add more liquid until it appeared to match the description. Just as milk is added to a sponge batter that is not of a ‘dropping’ consistency.
      I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the result. For the next reprint, I will be sure to emphasize that more liquid (e.g. milk) should be added if the mixture seems dry.
      Hope this helps!
      M-A 😀


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